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Smoking Accessories For the Work-Hard Play-Hard Smoker

Smoking Accessories for the Work-Hard Play-Hard Smoker

Those of us that like to unwind after a long day’s’ work with a nice smoke sesh on a regular basis may prefer premium products tailored to the everyday user. With the vaporizer and glass industry booming, there are hundreds of budget-friendly options for newbies. But what about the products geared towards heavy use? Where are the products that offer durability and performance? After many months of trial and error trying to find what fits me best, a daily dabber and toker, I finally found the accessories that fit me and my lifestyle perfectly. These products are some of the best in the industry from leading brands. Check out the vaporizer, glass, and accessory recommendations below for daily users.


First, we will start with vaporizers, some of the most complex devices used for smoking and one of the most rapidly growing industries. With a flood of basic vapes pouring in, there are a lot to choose from, and many of them don’t sport the features to satisfy an everyday vaper. Some of the best vaporizers on the market for everyday use are the Pax 3 portable vaporizer and the OG Volcano desktop vape. The Pax 3 is the third vaporizer in the Pax family and has some of the best features geared towards a daily user. It vapes both concentrate and flower while sporting a compact and portable design. You can easily slip it in your pocket with your phone or keys and it comes with an app to control and fine tune your temperature as well as track your usage if you’re into that. Parents out there should also note the child safety lock, an underrated feature that is rare in basic vaporizers. One of the biggest drawbacks of vaporizers is their durability. The Pax is well-built, sturdy, and mostly made of metal. It also has a ten-year warranty in case of any accidents.

The Volcano Vaporizer is another trusted vaporizer. It may not be portable, but it’s a tried and true device from one of the oldest vaporizer manufacturers. Volcano comes with a three-year warranty, can vaporize flower or concentrate, and features easy valve options for attaching either a balloon or a whip in seconds. Whether you vape concentrate or flower, on-the-go or at home, these two devices will satisfy any connoisseur.


The glass industry is ever evolving and with many different styles and functions available. Many hard-core enthusiasts prefer to compile a collection of great and unique pieces. The main thing we should be looking for is a quality made water pipe that lets you take good rips. Roor has been known as one of the OG’s in the game for many years. Blown extra thick at 5.0 mm, their classic style beaker bong sits tall at 18 inches, leaving a good amount of room for ice above the pinch if desired.

Another versatile piece is the Grav Labs Android water pipe/dab rig combo. With two separate chambers that hold water and act independently, you can dab, or smoke out of the same piece while maintaining and preserving the flavor of each material. The Grav Labs Android is a true game changer, but it’s not the only great innovation that Grav Labs has come up with. Their Stax Kits offer the most customization of any water pipe out there. They feature interchangeable and swappable percs, bases, and mouthpieces with glass joints. The ability to design your own piece is finally possible with Stax Bongs, and you’ll never get bored of your water pipe again.


Smoking accessories are exploding with popularity. After all, tools are necessary for dabbing, and cleaning products are always needed for us heavy users as our pieces get dirty quickly. One great tool that stands out above the rest is the RYOT Multi Utility Tool. This tool is the Swiss Army Knife of dab tools., and it’s not just for dabbing. Along with a wide array of dab tools, this Ryot gadget also features tools for scraping and cleaning, a small cheese grater style grinder, and a bottle opener for post-smoke refreshments.

There are plenty of different glass, vaporizers, and accessories out there, don’t be fooled into buying something cheap that you’ll regret later. Buy the innovative products that are thought of outside-the-box, and if you want something classic, go with what’s tried and true. Daily use can wreak havoc on budget friendly vapes and accessories, these tools and devices, however, are strong and durable, and don’t forget about the great warranties too, offered by Pax and Volcano. You really can’t go wrong with any of these products and they will stand the tests of time even with the heaviest user.