smoking essentials

Smoking Essentials for the Everyday Smoker

Smoking Essentials

Smoking accessories have become much more innovative and handy for the everyday smoker. In the past, most smokers used simple pipes or rolling papers during a smoke sesh. However, the stigma surrounding the culture has slowly eroded, allowing more innovative brands to emerge and offer functional smoking accessories. Every seasoned smoker has a collection of essentials. While these collections may vary, there are some smoking essentials that no smoker can live without.


Leading off is an industry staple. Grinders are self-explanatory, as they break down larger sized flower into small, more easily compactable shreds. These little shreds fit comfortably into smoking devices and burn more evenly. Higher end pieces such as the Four Piece Grinder by Space Case are suitable for connoisseurs. For smokers just starting out, grinder such as the Herby’s Twist line function similarly at a lower cost. For a more in-depth look at different types of grinders and their functions, check out our guide to the best grinders.

Rolling Papers

It’s good to have options when it comes to your method of smoking. Different accessories serve entirely different purposes. If you’re always on-the-go, staying true to the classics and rolling with papers is a good option for you. It might surprise you that all rolling papers are not created equal. For those struggling to make a clean roll or have a physical handicap, RAW Cones are the perfect remedy. They’re pre-made and come with filters at the ends. They eliminate the rolling process which has long plagued beginners. Next up are 24k Gold Papers for the bad and boujee smoker. If you’ve ever wondered how gold tastes, (because everyone has thought about this at some point, right?) this is the product for you. The 24k gold wraps provide the luxury you need to ball out.

Hand pipes

Pipes that used to feature basic functionality are becoming increasingly innovative. Nowadays, insanely skilled glassmakers have turned crafting glass pipes into an artform. Hand pipes are as portable as they come and tend to be more durable than larger bongs and rigs. The Glass One Hitter by Elevate is a rad little piece that will take up minimal space in your pocket or bag. The Helix Classic by Grav Labs is another favorite of ours and smokers everywhere. Pipes are smoking essentials that every smoker needs in their pocket for day-to-day adventures.

Water Pipes & Bubblers

If dry pipes are too harsh for you, you’ll need water filtration. Filtration cools down the smoke before it hits your lungs. Water pipes are one of the most popular smoking methods these days, with all types of different percs and designs available. There’s classic water pipes or bongs, and also bubblers. They’re a popular choice because they’re easy to store and provide filtration.

Storage Containers

A good smoker knows that being discreet is key. Airtight storage containers are useful to transport your flower, as they keep it fresh and prevent any odors from leaking out. Once you find your favorite style, you can choose a container to keep in your house, car, or anywhere you’d need to keep your smoking on the DL.