smoking etiquette

Smoking Etiquette Guide

Smoking Etiquette

For those who have experience in smoking circles, you know the drill. Knowing how to behave yourself in a social setting and avoiding bad conduct is as natural to you as taking a hit. But for the novice who’s just beginning to enter smoking circles, proper smoking etiquette might be alien to you. Not because the rules are as difficult as puffing out different shapes with your smoke each turn, but because these rules serve as an unspoken code. We’ve gathered the most common rules of smoking etiquette so that you can smoothly smoke with old friends and make some new ones along the way.

No Peer Pressure

Not everyone is interested in smoking so if they don’t want to do it, respect their decision and don’t pressure them. Besides, more for you!

Bring Your Own to Share

Flower is expensive, especially when you’re sharing it with a whole squad. Be polite and offer your own even if others may have some. If you’re running dry, buy some snacks for the group so you’re still contributing and share your flower next time.

Pass It to The Left

Establishing the proper rotation for smoking sessions is important because it creates less hassle when people start forgetting things. To make it easier for everyone, just pass it to the left.

If You’re Sick, Get Out The Circle Quick

This is common courtesy. This session is for sharing flower, not sharing your germs (It’s not that kind of circle). So tell everyone you’re sick and smoke your own personal pipe.

Puff, Puff, Pass

If you’re rolling, it’s two hits and then a pass. If you’re smoking a bowl or a bong, then it’s one hit and a pass.

Whoever Rolls It, Sparks It

Pretty self-explanatory. You can light the flower if you rolled it or packed the bowl.

Share the Flower

Lighting doesn’t make for the best hit, so share it with the rest of the group by lighting only a small part of the edge of the bowl. This way other people can get some green hits rather than lighting into ash. After all, sharing is caring. If you think the bowl has no more hits left, warn the next person about it because no one wants a mouthful of ashes. If you know it’s cashed (the flower is all burned out), empty the bowl and return it to the owner.

Respect the Piece and the Peace

Handle the bong or hand pipe with care. Don’t throw it around, especially if it’s fragile! Just because it’s your friend’s smoking piece doesn’t mean you can be rude. This maintains the peace of the circle and it also goes for the space you’re lighting up in. Respect the area and if you’re smoking in someone’s house, follow their rules.

Don’t Roll If You Don’t Know How

Be honest about your rolling skills. Rolling a good one takes practice so don’t be embarrassed to admit it. Someone will either help you or offer to do it for you. Save everyone the bummer of smoking a badly-rolled stick and don’t risk the possibility of wasting the flower.

What Are You, Puff the Magic Dragon?

Never blow smoke in front of a person’s face. It’s plain rude and unless you’re at a shotgun smoking session, there’s no reason to do it.

Now that you know smoking etiquette, you can safely join a smoking session without accidentally stepping on any toes. Smoking circles are great because you’re amongst people who share your love of smoking which heightens the entire experience. If you get stuck wondering how to properly behave yourself, being polite is always a safe bet.