soccer mom smoking kit

The Soccer Mom Smoking Kit

The Ultimate Smoking Kit For the Soccer Mom

Motherhood. One of the hardest challenges in life – possibly the most challenging if childbirth didn’t beat it out. Being a mother can be extremely difficult at times because your life now revolves around tending to the needs of your rambunctious children. For the soccer mom who’s looking for a discreet and convenient smoke in between taking care of your kids and cleaning up their mess, Kannakart’s got you. Here’s our list of smoking accessories for the soccer mom, so that you can take care of your own needs for once.

TightVac Containers

First thing’s first, a storage container is an absolute must. You know your kids have a tendency to play with (destroy) everything they get their hands on. Their never-ending curiosity and their habit of finding the most random things make this extremely durable TightVac Container perfect for holding all of your dry flower. Available in a solid and discrete jet black color, your kids will be deterred from how unassuming and plain this storage container is. It’s travel-friendly and features a vacuum-sealed cap so that no air or moisture enters the container or escapes it. You can rest assured that your kids won’t be getting their hands on this anytime soon.

RAW Organic Hemp Cones

With barely any breaks in your life as a mother already, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of hand-rolling your papers. These RAW Hemp Cones provide the ultimate convenience because they come pre-rolled for you so that you can easily fill them up with your favorite flower and quickly light them up for a nice breather.

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Kit

Tiny, lightweight, and incredibly portable for a mother who’s always on the go, Dr. Dabber’s Light Vaporizer Kit is only slightly longer than your average cigarette so you can effortlessly stuff it in your jam-packed purse or bookbag. With the same performance as Dr. Dabber’s premium models, you’ll still get the same quality vapor at an affordable price. It’s conveniently USB chargeable, and you simply load it with your concentrate and hold the power button for a low-odor and low-heat smoke.

Mile High Mini Pipe by Elevate Accessories

For those days when you’re at home watching the kids and have that rare opportunity to take a longer smoking session now that they’re finally napping, this Mile High Mini Pipe by Elevate is a one-hitter that can provide some big hits. It’s user-friendly and the wooden mouthpiece locks tightly onto the glass and can be easily detached so that you can quickly clean it with a paper towel.

2 Piece Pendant Grinder by Kannastor

Unsuspecting and extremely portable, you can wear this small grinder as a pendant or grab it from your purse without a hitch by the ball chain necklace that’s included. It’s perfect for the everyday mom whose frazzled mind can’t afford the effort to remember where she hid this fully-functional unique grinder from her scavenger-hunting kids.

Kirsten by Annabis

Now that you’ve got all of your smoking accessories, you need a place to store them and your flower. Designed with women in mind, this fashionable bag contains two interior pockets with Aroma-Bloc technology, smell proof zippers, and 100% genuine leather on the exterior!

Being a mother isn’t easy and sometimes you just need to unwind to relieve all the stress that’s been building from running around after your kids. So take a break, sit back, and inhale, momma! You deserve it!