Stax is a line of glass bongs and dab rigs in the form of modular builds that Grav Labs introduced in 2012. Each build includes a base, perc, and mouthpiece. Stax Kits can be ordered two ways:  pre-made kits or custom builds. Each Stax Kit includes a base, perc, and mouthpiece. These kits come in a variety of designs and can cater to smokers who prefer dry pipes, water pipes, or pipes for concentrates. Some of the kits feature a Grav Labs Helix mouthpiece which is notorious for its tornado-like smoke effects.

We offer a variety of ready to order Stax Bong Kits, each catering to a different need for smokers. Additionally, you can order individual components and build your custom glass piece.  Each base comes with a percolator and a female joint for compatibility with other module components. Every perc attachment has a male and female joint allowing them to fit into a base and accept a mouthpiece. All mouthpieces in the Stax line have a male joint which fits into the female joint of either a perc or base.  These mouthpieces are either 45-degree angles or straight stems with an ice pinch for even further cooling.