summer smoking playlist

The Summer Smoking Playlist

The Summer Smoking Playlist

Need some catchy tunes for your next smoke sesh? Here’s our Summer Smoking Playlist to give you some musical inspiration.

Classic Rock

Going to California – Led Zepplin

Led Zeppelin always keeps their smoking references rather subtle, but their unhurried rhythm and melody in this rock classic speak for themselves. Singer Robert Plant tells about an unkind woman smoking all his flower and drinking all his wine while setting out to California. It’s a wistful song that conveys California’s hippie culture but mostly focuses on fleeing from a woman who’s broken the protagonist’s heart.

The Joker – The Steve Miller Band

A much more uplifting song is The Joker by The Steve Miller Band. Lead vocalist Miller sings about being a joker, a smoker, and variety of other things that convey the setting of a mid 70’s summertime hippie scene. As one of the band’s all-time greatest hits, this song is still a classic for any smoker looking to praise the lifestyle.

Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 – Bob Dylan

An interesting myth about this song is that it is the origin of 420. Fans of both smoking culture and Bob Dylan have discovered that 12 multiplied by 35 equals 420. Although this has mostly been debunked as a rare coincidence, you don’t have to question its relation to smoking in Dylan’s explicit lyrics. He said he was inspired to name the song its strange title when a woman and her young daughter walked into his studio from the rain. He estimated their ages to be 35 and 12.

Nights in White Satin – The Moody Blues

Although The Moody Blues do not reference smoking in their lyrics, this song’s psychedelic melody has landed it on our Classic Rock list. The lyricist Justin Hayward is very guarded when discussing the song’s meaning. He enjoys fans coming up with their own, personal interpretations. Despite the fact that it’s a love song, a general theory is that Hayward sings about how life is an illusion and the only thing that’s clear is his love.

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles

Although this is arguably considered a smoker’s anthem, lyricists John Lennon and Paul McCartney have denied that the song has anything to do with smoking. John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon drew a picture of his classmate Lucy in the sky with what he stated were diamonds as stars. John Lennon was inspired by his son’s creative imagery and worked with McCartney to produce what is known as, “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds.” At this point, it is known that the song has nothing to do with smoking. However, avid smokers still listen to it as a fun celebration of their lifestyle.


Porcelain – Moby

With its melancholy lyrics, Porcelain uses pieces of piano and reversed string samples to create a dreamy and summery rhythm. At first, Moby stated that he thought this song was rather weak in its chorus and instrumentals. However, it quickly drew attention when it landed on a number of charts and was even featured in the film Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This song is perfect for any any smoker who is looking for a laidback tune to smoke to this summer.

The Loneliest Man in Space – Of Norway

One of the newest songs on our list is recently released The Lonliest Man in Space by Of Norway. The title speaks for itself. Its sedate rhythm gives a feeling similar to how Lucy would feel in the sky with her diamonds, but with a lonesome twist.

Firestone – Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

Firestone is one of the most popular tracks released by Kygo. It’s an uplifting, playful song that describes the love between two individuals as sparks lighting up the world. This song is perfect for summer smoking and summer love. If you’re looking for a slightly more fast-paced song to work well with an upper-type of flower, definitely give Kygo’s Firestone a listen along with his other tracks.

Indie and Alternative

Great Escape – Washed Out

The song Great Escape is another title that tells all. Washed Out created a song that conveys the need to leave and travel to different places with someone you love. Summer is all about travel and romance, and its detached vibes are another great reason why it’s part of our Summer Smoker’s Playlist.

Come As You Are – Nirvana

One of the more hardcore songs on our list, Come As You Are is composed of Kurt Cobain’s ruggedly forsaken voice and some killer bass guitar. Cobain wrote this song to urge his listeners to ignore societal norms and pressures and to be who you want to be. It is the sound of rebellion against conformity and modern-day expectations. The origin of the smoker lifestyle was all about breaking the chains of conformity and living care-free. If you want to listen to a 90’s classic during your smoke sesh, Come As You Are is always great to rock out to.