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Top 5 Grav Labs Bongs

The Top 5 Grav Labs Bongs

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2004, Grav Labs has grown into one of the biggest names in the glass industry. The reason for their growth and success over a mere 13 years is simple: they offer quality glass pieces for reasonable prices, making them a favorite among smokers everywhere. Here are our selections for the top 5 Grav Labs bongs of 2017.


The piece that started it all. The Gravitron is the first glass pipe ever made by Grav Labs and the concept behind its design, a gravity bong, is probably one of the first styles that many smokers have experienced. Gravity bongs are extremely popular for their simplicity, strong hits, and the fact that they are easy to make at home. The one you made at home was likely a two liter soda bottle that you cut and put inside a bucket of water. While gravity bongs are hard hitting and efficient, mixing smoke with a plastic bottle is never a good idea. In comes the Gravitron. The Gravitron does what your coke bottle did but it does it with glass in all the important places so not only will your bottle be glass, but you can say goodbye to the makeshift aluminum bowl as well!

Andromeda Stax Kit

The Stax line of water pipes are modular systems that allow you to decide for yourself which combination of base, percolator, and mouthpiece you want to smoke out of. While the possibilities are endless, one must start somewhere and the Andromeda Stax Kit is a great starting point for your Stax collection. Starting with the Stax Turbine Base, your smoke passes through a barrel perc before being twisted up by the turbine perc directly above it. As it moves up the base, the smoke meets the second piece of the puzzle, a glycerin coil that you can put in the freezer, allowing your smoke to cool by traveling through a small, nearly freezing, tube. Finally, it hits the Stax Mouthpiece which comes with ice pinches should you decide that you want even more ice cooling than that provided by the glycerin coil.

Beaker Water Pipe

One of most classic and prominent designs, the beaker style bong is timeless and simple. The straight tube leading down to a flared out base gives you a large chamber to accumulate more vapors before they hit your lungs. The only real “difficult” decision is what size to choose. The 16-inch Beaker would make a fine choice for most as a 16-inch bong is a moderate sized piece. As a bonus, it also has an ice pinch for some extra cooling, if you’re so inclined.

Jane West Beaker

These days, functional glass art is all the rage and the Jane West Beaker delivers. It combines the classic shape and benefits of a beaker with the lines from a 21st century vase. Its deep blue hue and unique yet familiar silhouette will wow your buddies the next time they come by and sesh up.

Grav Labs Android

If you’re looking for a rig as well as a bong, the Grav Labs Android is your piece. Anyone who has taken a dab of concentrate out of a piece previously used to combust flowers could tell you that their concentrate tasted burnt, like their combusted flower. The Android water pipe allows you to avoid this problem without having to clean your rig every time you want to take a dab; it is a wax rig within a flower bong, each sealed from one another as to not mix flavors. Each chamber has its own mouthpiece coming out of the top, leaving you with two mouthpieces coming out of a single piece. It is these two mouthpieces and the shape they add to the piece that lends this pipe its “Android” name and futuristic design.