Stylish Smoking Accessories

Top 5 Stylish Smoking Accessories

Top 5 Stylish Smoking Accessories

Forget about the old days where the stereotypical smoker was a guy wearing a tie dye shirt playing guitar. Smoking is becoming a mainstream activity, and the smoking industry has stepped up their game with new, stylish accessories to match the evolving trendy smoker. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five stylish smoking accessories tools!

Blue Standing Sherlock Pipe

The original man who turned smart into sexy, Sherlock Holmes is the perfect example that intelligence and class are attractive. With a beautiful sapphire blue design and an intricate chamber, the Blue Standing Sherlock Pipe turns smoking into a chic look that will even appeal to the most casual smokers. This pipe is stylish without being ostentatious, and people will be asking if they can be the Watson to your Sherlock.

Source Orb 4 Vaporizer

This smooth and versatile vaporizer is like the James Bond of vaporizers. As classic and snazzy as the timeless tux, the Source Orb 4 Vaporizer is the newest version of one of the highest-ranking wax pen vaporizers of all-time. Available in black chrome, chrome, and royal gold, this will easily become a statement piece in your smoking arsenal.

Shine Gold Rolling Papers

One word. Gold. It’s the epitome of luxury and each individual rolling paper is handcrafted with the finest edible 24 karat gold to bring you the ultimate smoking experience. You’ll draw eyes instantly with this gold rolling paper and you’ll be enjoying the attention for a while. These rolling papers offer a long, slow-burning, smooth smoke unlike average rolling papers. The experience doesn’t end there because this luxurious rolling paper leaves gold ashes so that the entire room will still be in awe after your smoke sesh.

Groove Four Piece Grinder by Aerospaced

Simple is chic. Featuring a sleek design and an upgraded matte finish, the Groove Four Piece Grinder by Aerospaced brings a sophisticated and classic look to a functional grinder. With a clean and sharp appearance, this grinder features a unique shredding pattern that will grind your flower to the perfect consistency. This grinder is available in four refined colors: black, blue, red, and silver.

Pocket Dabber Scoop by Mystic Timber

Mixing sustainability with elegantly handmade hardwood, all of Mystic Timber’s smoking accessories are crafted by talented artisans. You don’t have to be a fan of nature to appreciate the beautiful whorls and knots of these wood-handled dabbing tools. They offer a wide array of tools and ends, and every dab tool features Mystic Timber’s elegant tree logo.