The Different Types of Water Pipe Percolators

Water Pipe Percolators – How to Choose the Right Style

Water Pipe Percolators are all the rage, but how do you choose the right one? Is there a right one? What’s the difference between a fritted disc and a honeycomb perc? A dome perc and a showerhead perc? The differences may be slight, but they can be significant. Let’s explore some of the more common perc designs.

Barrel Perc

Barrel percs are shaped, unsurprisingly, much like a barrel. A somewhat stout cylinder with both vertical and horizontal lines in the perc, with the percolating holes placed where the lines intersect. Barrel percs have several holes that are on the larger side and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The large holes coupled with a moderate number of holes make barrel percs a great choice for someone looking to add moderate filtering/percolation with little drag.

Dome Perc

Dome percs are tall cylinders with a round dome on top; like a bell without the flared bottom. The bottom of the perc is connected to the bottom of the chamber with a few larger slits or holes towards the bottom of the perc for the air to flow through. The few large slits give the perc a somewhat chuggy quality, with light filtration and cooling. Here are some dope dome perc bongs from Roor.

Fritted Disc Perc

Fritted discs, the brainchild of glass artist David Goldstein, is a flat disc approximately 5mm thick composed of many small glass shards fused together. The fusing of small shards leaves the perc with many small holes for the smoke and water to pass through. A fritted disc’s many small holes provide a high level of percolation and filtration, but also creates slightly more drag than the average perc. They sometimes clog quicker than other perc designs and may require more frequent cleaning than other percs.

Honeycomb Perc

Honeycomb percs are similar to fritted discs; they are both discs with many small holes for the smoke and water to pass through. Unlike a fritted disc, a honeycomb perc is made of a single piece of glass, and the holes are made by poking numerous holes in the disc. Like the fritted disc, it has a high level of percolation and filtering. It does cause more drag than many other percs. Check out our collection of honeycomb perc water pipes.

Inline Perc

An inline perc is composed of a straight tube mounted horizontally in the chamber with slits cut into the tube, usually on the bottom of the tube. While the number of slits cut into the perc may differ, it is usually around five percs. The medium-sized slits along with a relatively low number of holes provide moderate filtration and percolation without creating too much drag. We love this Dual Action Inline Bong by Grav Labs.

Matrix Perc

Matrix percs are similar to barrel percs; they are cylindrical with small square/rectangular holes in the perc. The differences are subtle; matrix percs are shorter and fatter than barrels with the percolating holes usually smaller than you see on a barrel perc. Their similar builds mean that matrix and barrel percs are similar in both form and function. Check out the Nano Matrix Bong by PURR Glass.

Showerhead Perc

Showerhead water pipe percolators are very similar to dome percs with one major difference: showerhead percs generally have a bulge towards the bottom of the perc where the slits are cut. The number of slits in a showerhead perc can differ, ranging anywhere from a few slits to a few dozen. In any case, showerhead percs tend to have low drag with medium to high percolation and filtration; probably the reason it is one of the most popular percs on the market! We have several great bongs with showerhead percs, by Grav Labs and PURR Glass.

Treearm Perc

Treearm percs have tubes or “arms” that drape down inside the chamber like a drooping tree branch. Slits, usually two or three, are cut into the arms at the bottom of the arm. The number of arms can vary from three to as many as twelve. Treearms are one of the most popular percolators on the market thanks in part to its low drag and medium to high percolation and filtration, much like a showerhead.

Turbine Perc

A turbine perc is unique in it that it’s named after the way it percolates, rather than the way it looks. A turbine perc is a disc around five or six slits cut into the disc at an angle. The angled cuts allow the water and smoke to travel up the perc and spin around the chamber, causing a turbine effect. The large slits and the unique way the water spins gives a low drag draw with less percolation and filtering. Turbine percs provide a unique viewing experience. We have an amazing and affordable Turbine Perc Stemless Bong by Glowfly, made here in the USA!

There are many different types of water pipe percolators, and all are unique in their own way. They all add more filtration and give you a smoother hit. Contact us anytime if you have more questions about the different types of percs and what they do. Happy shopping!