Vapor Slide

Vapor Slide is a company dedicated to producing new and innovative ways to use concentrates. It uses the best cartridge and battery technology for your enjoyment and convenience. Vapor Slide offers two-in-one designs that act as both a vaporizer and work with a water pipe. It features four times the battery life of other vaporizers. It can also be plugged into a USB for charging. The voltage knob is twistable so you can adjust the level of vapor you want.

This piece can be inserted into a water pipe and features a pressure sensor that works automatically when you inhale. You simply take a hit through the water pipe and remove the slide when you want to inhale. It also acts as a filtration device. When using the Vapor Slide with your water pipe, you don’t have to worry so much about cleaning your pipe. This piece uses the water as an additional layer of filtration to clean and smooth the vapor. With its powerful battery, you can enjoy more vapor than other pens. This vape is so versatile, as it provides the experience of a desktop vape with the portability of a handheld vape.