Vaporbrothers was the first vaporizer company to invent a whip-style vaporizer. Some would also consider them responsible for the popularity growth of vaping in America. Since 1999, they have been providing customers with products that do not put them at the risk of inhaling harmful carcinogens and other toxins that can be released during smoking. They even donate a portion of their sales to patients with severe medical conditions.

Since the beginning, they have been committed to health and safety. The company keeps a sharp eye on what goes into their vaporizers and has repeatedly stated that they wouldn’t sell anything that they wouldn’t consume themselves. Vaporbrothers have produced some of the best heating systems on the market today. Poorly built vaporizers can release chemicals if the system is designed improperly. The company is dedicated to providing the highest of standards, so fans of VB remain happy and healthy.

Vaporbrothers offers a variety of styles of vaporizers, such as their popular desktop vapes, vape pens, individual whips, and more.