carb caps

What are Carb Caps and Why Use Them?

What are Carb Caps?

So what are carb caps? They are accessories used in dabbing to restrict airflow on your nail after applying your concentrate. They have many benefits, and many look different from one another, but all work the same. They are made mostly of titanium, ceramic, glass, or quartz. Another benefit of carb caps is they reduce the temperature necessary to produce vapor, resulting in a more pleasurable experience (low-temp dabbing).

Carb caps are designed for the purpose of producing a thicker vapor at lower temps. But how do they do this? Carb caps restrict the airflow as you pull, creating a vacuum within the nails surface that makes your concentrate vaporize faster while restricting outside air that would otherwise make a less dense cloud. Carb caps need certain things to work properly: restricted airflow less than that of the nail itself, they must fit the nail, and they must be a safe material for heat.

Why Use a Carb Cap?

Why would you want a thicker vapor at lower temps? Most of the harshness and coughing associated with dabbing is due to dabbing improperly. Overheating a nail to red hot temps leads to a burnt taste and a hot throat. If you let that nail cool for ten to twenty seconds and use a carb cap after heating, you’ll get a more flavorful experience with longer hits, thicker vapor, and less throat irritation. A product that compliments the low-temp lifestyle and requires a carb cap, is an e-nail, or electric nail. E-nails keep your nail at a steady low temperature without the need of a torch. They also take all the guess work out of wondering if your nail is too hot or too cold to dab. If you haven’t used a carb cap, you have to see what you are missing! Try one of the many options of titanium carb caps and quartz carb caps that we carry.

Aside from material choice, the way a carb cap looks depends on the material of the nail. Most titanium nails on the market have a titanium carb cap that fits securely on top. Slanted top quartz bangers can’t be carbed as easily and come in a unique shape to fit around your nail. Carb caps are best used on domeless nails but can be used on dome nails as well.  When using a dome nail, be sure to act quickly as the smaller nails cool faster, and there is the extra step of having to dome your nail.

The type of nail you choose reflects what carb cap you need. To find a carb cap that matches your style, check out some artistic styles made by glass and quartz blowers, or wood ones such as the Mystic Timber tools that have both a carb cap and dabber on the same tool. When the carb cap is attached to your dabber, it makes it easy to flip right over after application of the dab. Whatever choice you make, you will enjoy increased flavor and reduced harshness when using a carb cap.