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What are Recycler Bongs and How Do They Work?

What are Recycler Bongs and How Do They Work?

Recycler bongs are all the rage these days, and they come in many forms. We’re going to walk you through what a recycler bong is, how it works, and explore the three most important types of recyclers.

Recycler bongs are scientific water pipes that have at least two chambers connected by an up path and down path. The up path connects the top of the first chamber to the top of the second chamber, while the down path connects the bottoms of both chambers. The idea behind the design is that the up path connections sit higher in the chambers so that vapor and water in the first, usually lower chamber will both move up through the up path. As the vapor continues its way through the up path and second chamber, the water will fall through the down path from the second chamber to the first chamber. This “recycling” of the water just cooled and filtered your smoke.

Recyclers are designed to move larger bubbles a longer distance. The longer range of travel allows the vapor to stay in contact with water for a longer time but keeps the bubbles larger to keep flavor loss to a minimum. This design maximizes water to glass contact and minimizes vapor to glass contact. These characteristics are the reason recyclers are used more as concentrate rigs than as water pipes for fresh flower. Concentrates benefit from some cooling with little filtration while fresh flower is better filtered through a large pipe with lots of cooling and filtration. The low vapor to glass contact area means that less of the vapor has a chance to come in touch with the glass and condense back against the glass. Re-condensation is not a substantial concern with smoke from flower.

External Recycler Bongs

The most basic recycler bong is the standard external recycler. These pipes feature two external chambers, the first usually sitting lower than the second, connected by two tubes; an up tube and a drain tube. The up tube connection with the second chamber is connected almost parallel to it so that the water entering the chamber will swirl into a vortex as it enters the chamber and down the drain tube.

Internal Recycler Bongs

The second type of recycler bong is the internal recycler, often referred to as an “incycler.” In an incycler, the second chamber sits inside the first chamber and the water drains from the second chamber straight down into the first. The water and vapor move up the first outer chamber and passes through holes, usually three or four, which are at an angle in the glass separating the two chambers. The angled placement of the holes allows the recycled water to vortex inside the second chamber and straight down the drain tube.

Klein Recycler Bongs

Finally, there’s the Klein recycler, which is a hybrid of the external and internal recyclers. Like the internal recycler, the two chambers sit inside a single body instead of two external ones. The Klein separates itself from the incycler because its drain tube sits outside of the main body of the water pipe. While the drain tube may still begin directly under the second chamber like an incycler, at some point it will travel outside the main body. It is this external tube that makes a Klein recycler a Klein. It is named after the Klein water bottle, first described by mathematician Felix Klein.

All three of these recycler bong types provide large bubbles, long travel, and minimal vapor to glass contact which optimizes your vaping experience.